Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi all! It's been a little while since I've written.  I have been quite the busy girl!

I hope you all had fantastic holidays! Ours were extremely busy, but oh so wonderful! On Christmas Eve we celebrated with all of our family that lives in Texas.  Christmas day started early with Lilly awaking to all the presents she received from Santa, us, her Paw-paw, and Grandma Dawn.  Her favorites were the Barbie Townhouse Grandma got her, and the 3DS santa brought her. We then headed back accross the street for presents at the in-laws since hubby's aunt had arrived from Austin.  A few days later, I headed to South Carolina, and had Christmas all over again on New Years Eve! I'm still here, writing this post on my parent's computer in fact!

We have officially moved into the remodel! Though, there's quite a bit left to do to complete it.  I still have to build the shelves and countertops for the office.  I also need to install closet rods in the new closets.  The vintage dresser I purchased needs to be refinished.  I think their may be a few touch-ups that need to be done paint-wise.  The biggest task of all will be organizing everything! I think I may even be one of those crazy ladies that posts all her befores and afters....maybe! I'm so excited to get home and get my life organised!

On the business front, there will be several new changes.  Not much will be different with Son Rise, I just plan to have more, and more shoots and build a bigger name for myself!   Lilly Bunns Boutique, however will be run totally differently! (especially when compared to last year :))  Look out for a new look to the shop, my products in brick and mortar stores, and, oh yeah, LOTS more products and new products to be added each week!
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