Saturday, January 19, 2013


Lord, have mercy! Not writing since June is not acceptable! There has been a LOT happening in those 6 months!

First, my hubs bought me the...Silhouette CAMEO for my birthday! OMG! Love it! It's opened up a whole new world of possibilities! Be on the watch for many, many posts with crafts using that precious little machine!

After months of trying, lots of worrying it wasn't going to happen, and much, much prayer, as well as a little girl BEGGING...I am so excited to announce we are having a baby! We found out in early December.  I actually took a test in McDonalds.  Oh yeah, I'm THAT girl lol.  Once I'd bought the test, I just couldn't wait to take it.  I didn't think it would be positive! Oh well! At least it's an interesting story to tell.

Christmas went great.  We spent Christmas Eve and Day here with our family in Texas.  Then Lilly bug and I headed home to South Carolina to spend Christmas with our family up there.  It was very busy and eventful with me and her both catching a horrid cold.  Praise the Lord it wasn't the flu!

Last week was our first OB appointment.  I was 13 weeks then so I was really looking forward to hearing the heartbeat.  The intern doing my exam and all tried with the lesser powered Doppler that was in the room and couldn't find it.  So he asked the attending to try.  She couldn't get it with that one, so they tried a more high powered on.  Baby boo was hiding behind on of my veins.  She could tell he/she was behind there, but couldn't get the machine positioned to hear it before the battery died.  So, she snuck me into the ultrasound room and we got a glimpse at our sweet, VERY active baby! Did my heart a lot of good to see the baby bouncing around in there! I can't wait until our next ultrasound in a couple of weeks.

With the baby coming, I'm getting all geared up to make lots and lots of baby things! We will be cloth diapering again, so I'm going to make the whole OS stash! I'll also be needing some nursing pads.  I'll be recovering Lilly's old car seat as well.  Can't wait to find out what the baby is so I can get started on the gender specific things!
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