Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Handy Woman Intro

Growing up with a mechanic dad, and three younger brothers, I was destined to pick up some "handy-man" skills.  We never called a repairman growing up, it was just my dad and a book from his home-improvement library.  We would often be at his feet handing him the tools needed for the job.  I've been able to fix a few things around the house and thought I'd share the smidget of knowledge I have and share some knowledge others have.  I'm surely not the only gal with a laundry list of things for my husband to get done around the house! Who can blame him, though? He does work 12 days, 45 minutes away from home.

This series will have lots of information! I'll have tips on making your own girly tool belt.  I'll have all the tools everyone should have around the house, guy or gal.  And, of course, I'll have tips for loads of projects you can do around the house.  I'm sure your hubby will be extra grateful to have some knocked off of his to-do list too! {Just PLEASE don't rub it in his face that you did it cause he didn't/wouldn't, PLEASE}  I just relish the fact that I can do some things that are typically "guy" things.  I think you should be able to as well!
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