Baby Portraits

There's just so much goodness about a newborn.  Every shot I take tries to capture the innocence and serenity in a newborn's world.  A newborn shoot is shot indoors with a heater nearby to keep the baby toasty warm and comfy.  I keep everything very laid back and try to give the parents a break for the majority of the time.  We stop to feed and change the baby, and nothing is rushed.  As long as you have the time for it, I'm there until we get the perfect shot.  

I have several props at my disposal, and you are more than welcome to include your favorite items as well.  Things like a handmade blanket, or dad's fire helmet, or an old flag make wonderful, personal props.  I make sure to get the whole family in the pictures to capture all the love and sweetness.

If you schedule your newborn session with me, you will be able to also receive $20 off each of the baby shoots done with me in the future (3 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo and 1 year).  Because of the length of a newborn shoot, the price is $150.  

3, 6 and 9, and 1 Year
It's so fun to see the personality of your child coming out as he or she grows older! These shoots typically don't last more than an hour.  They are shot at any location, though I'd advise indoors where it's not too cool for a 3 month old.  Cost of the shoot is $75.

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