Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whipping this house into submission

I've never, ever, EVER been a big fan of cleaning. I mean I love the results, but all that work, um, no thanks! But, alas, I'm sick and tired of my messy house, and with the remodeling being pretty much done, it's time I get this house whipped into shape! Before the remodel my house consisted of three rooms. Yes, three! A kitchen/living room combo, 2 bedrooms/drum room/office/playroom, and a bathroom/laundry room/closet. Needless to say we're packed in like sardines! There was so much stuff we had that was absolutely necessary, but we had no room for it! Things were just starting to pile up. As anyone that's ever watched hoarders knows, it's impossible to actually clean well with a lot of clutter. (no, we weren't even close to hoarders, just in case you're wondering) now, we have 6 rooms, and oh, I'm LOVING the organization! I'm not quite finished, yet, but it's AMAZING the difference. I'm starting to not be embarrassed by my house anymore! Yay! We now have 6 rooms: kitchen/dining/drum room, living room, bathroom/laundry, Lilly's room, master bedroom, and my office! Something in my brain has clicked from being not really organized at all to super, freakishly organized. The difference is amazing. I'm determined that everything will have its proper place, and everyone will be putting everything into its proper place. There will be NO MORE CLUTTER! I'll share more, later, on my new-found tricks for organizing. I'll have several tutorials, as well. So until then, I'll be cleaning my little heart out. I'm almost there! End of this week is my finished goal, and I WILL make it!

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