Sunday, December 4, 2011

Homeschooling preschool: How I plan

Thanks for starting with me on our homeschooling journey! As i mentioned in my last post, I'm really only committed to homeschooling until kindergarten. Before I share with you the week's plans, I thought I'd share a general overview of how I make my plans.

First up, how I organize my plans.

I have chosen to keep my plans on note cards in one of those note card boxes. For each week there are 9 cards. The first is my starting place. On it is the week number (1-52), the theme for the week, and {at this point} shape, color, letter, number, concept, Bible memory verse, and science concept. That gives me a general overview for the week. Each other card has a category on it. As we go along the categories on the cards will change, but this is the basis for a while. I was having trouble pinpointing what exactly to call the concepts. They are basically things like over/under, longest/shortest, etc. They will get more complex as we go along, but for now, she needs to learn these things. Science is not necessarily the science we think of in a strict sence. It can be anything from an actual science thing to the fact that there are generations in a family. Science is one simple concept that correlates with the theme. The first week for example is that every snowflake is different, and our theme is snow.

Secondly, my method of planning.

After I have my first card hammered down, I create a card for each of the categories. There is a card for the theme, shape, color, verse, letter, etc. On each of these cards I write the days Monday-Friday. Beside each day I write the planned activity for the day. Emphasis on PLANNED! I don't want her to get bored with learning. I feel like the most important thing I can do to get her ready for school (weather at home or not) is to make her excited to learn. If she gets restless, and doesn't want to do anything else, we will stop or even just change focus. If it doesn't all get done, then it's totally ok! Some cards don't have an activity for each day, and some activities will be repeated.

You'll be able to understand this as you look through my plans for the week, I just wanted to explain a little of the meathod to the madness!

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