Sunday, December 4, 2011

Homeschooling preschool: week 1

Eventually, I'll actually have printable card you can print and organize, but for now I'll just put the content of each card on here!

Overview card 1

Theme: Snow
Shape: circle
Color: white
Letter: S
Number: 0 (zero)
Concept: same/different
Verse: psalms 139:14
Science: Every snowflake is different just like me!

Theme card: snow
Monday:read snow poem (from Internet search), discuss that snow comes in winter
Tuesday: play with shaving cream on table (pretend its snow)
Wednesday: make snow scene with white paint on black or navy paper. Thumbprints are snow flakes
Thursday: make snow playdoh (mix white glitter into white playdoh)
Friday: make waterless snow globes (hot glue bristle trees to jar lids, put a little fake snow in jar, close lid, display jar upside down)

Number card: 0

Monday: discuss number
Tuesday: write 0 in the shavingcream snow
Wednesday: 0 coloring page*
thursday: 0 writing worksheet*
Friday: 0 writing on lined paper

Shape card: Circle

Monday: introduce shape, sing song about shape (find song online)
Tuesday: draw shape in shaving cream
Wednesday: collage, glue circles in shape of a snowflake
Thursday: circle scavenger hunt, look for circles in environment, and/or place circles to be found around house
Friday: circle worksheet

Verse card: ps 139:14

Monday: recite verse
Tuesday: Verse coloring page (can be found online)
Wednesday: snowflakes verse scramble (write each word or a couple words on snowflake and put in proper order)
Thursday: snowflake verse scramble
Friday: large snow scene or banner with the snowflakes from the verse scramble permanently attached together.

Concept: same/ different

Monday: talk about the meaning
Tuesday: worksheet
Wednesday: have objects or pics to be compared, place same objects in one container or pile, different in another.
Thursday: worksheet
Friday: same activity as Wednesday

Letter: s
Monday: introduce letter, sing song about letter, trace with finger
Tuesday: write letter in shaving cream on table
Wednesday: iPad app (pocket phonics)
Thursday: writing page
Friday: coloring/writing page

Color: white
- remind how snow is white with all activities
- verbally spell white daily
- point out white things in the environment
- white scavenger hunt

Science card: every snowflake is different
- read books about snowflakes
- look at snowflake pics online (of actual snowflakes)
- we both make a snowflake by folding paper and making cuts then compare how they are different
- talk about how snowflakes are different and people are different too, read a book about someone who is different

I try to stagger the activities we do. For example do a sitting activity then a crafty/fun activity then sitting activity. I also don't have to do everything I one sitting. On days we read books, we might wait til bed time, for example.

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