Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This is why I love natural remedies

I had a head and ear ache all day yesterday, but just suffered through it until about 3 am this morning.  The pain was so severe I couldn't get to sleep.  I broke down and took conventional medicines.  They did relieve the pain for a little while, but when I woke up just a few short hours later it was back with a vengeance.

After a google search on how to best use some remedies I'd heard of, I got to work in my kitchen.  That's right no trips to the doctor or the pharmacy.  Most of what I needed was right there at home.  I, unfortunately, didn't have any whole onions or garlic, so I racked my brain with to find a way to get the healing benefits of both into my ear.  I decided to put some of the chopped onion and garlic I have on hand in a little organic grape seed oil.   I heated it for about 30 seconds in the microwave and then allowed it to cool to body temperature.  I then took a sterilized dropper and put 3 drops in my ear and dipped a small piece of a cotton ball into the mixture and put that in my ear as well.  The relief was nearly immediate!  In an effort to help it work a little better I also massaged the area.  I will repeat this every few hours.

I will write another post another day on why we choose to be a homeopathic as possible. I'm by no means over the ear infection as this was just the first time for me to treat it, but I am allowing my body to do as God designed it to and heal itself! (which coincidentally will boost my immune system and reduce my chances of getting the same thing again in the future.)

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