Monday, October 3, 2011

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome...

To the greatest show on earth.  OK, OK I know I'm not that interesting, but there is a pretty crazy show going on behind this computer screen! At least it feels like craziness! I'm not only a wife and stay-at-home-mom, I'm making an attempt to run two small businesses and blog about it all.
This is my grainy iPhone pic,
I was bored and it was a good hair day .

If you've come here from Lilly Bunns Boutique blog, or Not Just a Little Fat, then WELCOME to the new digs! I hope you all enjoy it here! I maybe owe you a little explanation for doing away with the other blogs (or you don't care and that's OK too).  I wanted a place where I can write about everything that interests me, not just weight loss, or crafting.  Having two blogs to keep up with just two things I'm interested in, just wasn't a good fit for me.  Don't worry, I'll be bringing the interesting posts over here from there! I'll also be leaving both blogs active so you can still go straight to the post with the links you're used to.

You might be saying "Self, what in the world does the name of the blog mean?"  Or, again, you might not care and are just happy to be here, hopefully; cause you just might be thinking you're never coming here again (I really hope you're not)  There are sooooooooo many words I could use to describe myself and the purposes of this blog, but I really think those 3 sum me up almost to a T.

Your next question is probably "she's crunchy?"  Crunchy is a sort of nick name that "green living" people have gotten.  I'm not so sure of the etymology, but it's something about hippies eating crunchy granola.  I will write a post later on why I'm going as all natural as possible.

Now onto what you will find in this blog.  It will just be about my life and the things that interest me.  Everything from crafts and decorating, to photography, to politics and Christianity.  I might even throw in a few conspiracy theories every now and again (that's where the crazy comes in).  I'll share everything from the struggles of marriage to the joys of mother hood.  So grab a cup of coffee and plop down in front of your computer and follow along in my Crunchy, Crafty, and Crazy world!

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