Monday, October 3, 2011

Tutorial: Felt Flower Fridge Magnets

It's still February, but spring is upon us down here in the Houston area, and I'm in full blown garden and flower mode!  I'm also all about magnets since we have very few of them here at the house, and most are really ugly.  So I decided to combine the two and make some felt flower fridge magnets.  I found a few flower templates online, and got to work!

I decided to make a Peone and large and small Cherry Blossoms.  Just click to get to the templates!

Here's my tutorial for how to do the fridge magnets!

Felt in any colors plus green
Hot Glue Gun
Magnets (I used "magnet buttons" from Walmart"

Step One: Print and cut out the templates.

Step Two: Trace the templates onto the felt in the colors you choose with the sharpie.  Make sure to cut the leaves out of green

Step Three: Cut the shapes out of the felt.  Try to cut inside of the line from you tracing so there is as little of the sharpie showing.

Step Four: Lay the pieces out in the order they will be stacked up (smallest to largest leaves on last)

Step Five: Put a dab of hot glue on the leaves then attach the next largest piece.  Continue until you've put all the pieces on

Step Six: Attach the magnets.  The magnets I used had a sticky back.  If yours don't you might want to attach them with E6000 (Oops didn't get a pic of that, but you get the idea!)

Step 7:  Attach the button.  I used high temp hot glue and they are fairly secure, and since they will pretty much just always stay in place on the fridge I don't think they will fall off.  But if you plan to move them around a bunch, I'd glue it on with E6000

Step 8: Stick it on the fridge for all to admire!
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