Monday, November 7, 2011

The Craft Bug

It seems like I just go from one obsession to the next, and this week is no exception! The craft bug had totally hit! I don't know if it's because this week is the first in a month that I don't have to do anything!

I've got a whole week of cleaning and crafting planned! First up is a cute scarf for Lilly! It's inspired by a trellis with flowers climbing it.  I'm very excited about it and you'll get to benefit from another EASY crochet pattern by me! Next up are some Christmas presents.  I'm not entirely sure what they will be, but whatever they are they will be fabulous!

For my photography stuff I've got two props that need to be made! First, a paper mache egg to post newborns in, and a bird's nest.  They are gonna be super cute!!

And last but not least is something for my house! I'm gonna be turning some wooden pallets into end tables.  I'm also gonna try to fit in a dining table re-do from a found table!  I'm so excited about the tables, I can't stand it!

Of course, I'm gonna blog about it all, and share my process! What are you gonna make this week?

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