Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Reno.

I cannot believe I haven't posted about our renovations, yet! It's consuming our lives in so many ways, but I'm so excited!

When we moved to Texas 5 years ago, we were so fortunate that my hubby's family built an apartment for us. Of course, that happened quite a while before kids came into the picture, so it was truly never meant to house more than just the hubs and I. It's got a three room layout (great room, bedroom, bathroom/washroom combo) and we've managed to fill it up! There is literally furniture along every wall. Hey, it's not hard to do with all the necessary furniture, drums, my crafting area and a three year old diva. We are a little more fortunate than some in that we have 777 sq feet, but the layout of the place is not the greatest use of space. And, now, Lilly really should be getting into her own room ASAP!

So, we are adding on! God has worked things around to allow us to be able to build into the garage our apartment is built onto! We are adding three new rooms, and we will eventually be redoing the rooms we already have! The rooms we are adding are 2 bedrooms and an office for me!

The rooms we currently have are laid out in such a way that in order to get to the bathroom from the great room, you have to walk through the bedroom. We are remedying that situation by putting our bedroom in the smaller of the two new rooms. Lilly will be getting the larger room. That sounds kinda backwards huh? Seriously, though all we do is sleep know ;) in our room, so it makes sence for her to have the larger room for all of her toys, etc. What is now our bedroom will become a living room. The great room (really just a kitchen and living room) will become a larger kitchen, dining room, and drum room (though I really hope that is only temporary :)). I'm very excited to get to eat family dinners around the table again!

I'm totally going to get some pics and do a write up on each of the rooms soon. I'll make sure to include all of my inspiration, and make lots and lots of how-tos! I can't wait to show you all my office! It's going to be amazing!! Just thinking about it makes me so very thankful for an amazing God that's provided me with an amazing husband who works 12 hour days then comes home and works on the addition so that I can have my dream! I mean seriously, how many 25 year old girls get to have their own studio space? I'm so blessed :) Y'all totally need to follow along! Y'all are gonna gt so many tips from this, I promise!! I just gotta pass on the blessings, ya know? :)

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